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THE JUNGLE Play London

This is the place where people suffered and dreamed. Meet the hopeful, resilient residents of The Jungle – just across the Channel, right on our doorstep. The Jungle tells stories of loss, fear, community and hope, of the Calais camp’s creation - and of its eventual destruction. Join the residents over freshly baked naan and sweet milky chai at the Afghan Café, and experience the intense, moving and uplifting encounters between refugees from many different countries and the volunteers who arrived from the UK.


Booking Period:

Until November 03, 2018

Running Time:


Cast Updates:

Tiran Aakel, Mohammad Amiri, Gerard Carey, Elham Ehsas, Trevor Fox, Moein Ghobsheh, Ammar Haj Ahmad, Cherno Jagne, Kiki Kendrick, Alex Lawther (Until 11 Aug), Jo McInnes, Freddie Meredith (From 13 Aug), Sara Mokonen Yasin Moradi, Jonathan Nyati, John Pfumojena, Rachel Redford, Dominic Rowan

Musical By:


Please note, this production contains the following: Smoke effects; Strobe/ flashing lights; Cigarette smoking; Strong language; Loud noises and gunshot sounds; Prolonged periods of darkness; Images which some may find disturbing. Please note, packages are not currently available for this production.


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