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School of Rock Kids Auditions

11 Nov 2017

School of Rock The Musical is looking for new child actors to join the band of the New London Theatre! The West End production is always casting new young performers aged 8 to 12, under 5 feet tall, who can sing, act and play an instrument. If your kid matches the description, keep an eye on new auditions, as they are held regularly. The next session will be in London from 20th to 22nd November, with additional sessions in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Plymouth from March on.

It looks like a great time to be a child dreaming to perform in a West End show. From Matilda to Motown The Musical, the number of West End musicals with a considerable cast of children is rising and the turnover rate is high.  The child cast of School of Rock is composed of three teams of 13 young actors each, for a total of 39 children.

Based on the 2003 movie with Jack Black and adapted for the stage by Julian Fellowes, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical School of Rock tells the story of Dewey Finn, a failed wannabe rock star who accidentally becomes a substitute teacher in a class of ten-year-olds. Needless to say, the class of composed pupils will be soon turned into a rock band!

The smash-hit musical opened one year ago at the New London Theatre on 14th November 2016 and is now booking until 13th January 2019. Check the availability for cheap tickets to see School of Rock in London’s West End and join the band now!

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