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At the start of World War I, a boy's beloved horse is sold to the cavalry and experiences the horrors of war, somehow managing to survive while serving on both sides. But the boy, too young to enlist, hasn't forgotten about his horse and sets off on a perilous journey to find him and bring him home. War Horse uses complex mechanics to create the puppets which are the horses in this show, making them come alive before your eyes.

Booking Period:

Until March 12, 2016

Running Time:


Cast Updates:

James Backway, Philip Bertioli, Ken Bradshaw, Alasdair Craig, Adrian Christopher, Matthew Churcher, Clare Louise Connolly, Drew Dillon, James Duncan, Nick Figgis, Patrick Fleming, Keiran Flynn, Alan Francis, Colm Gormley, Dominic Hodson, Adam Henderson Scott, Ian Houghton, Mark Jackson, Simon Jenkins, Nyron Levy, Shaun McCourt, Tony McGeever, Jayne McKenna, Kate Marlais, Chris Milford, Gary Mitchinson, Thomas Mittelheuser, Harry De Moraville, Jamie Lee-Morgan, Markus Schabbing, Alisdair Simpson, James Alexander-Taylor, Emma Thornett, Lowri Walton, Scarlet Wilderink, Sam Wilmott, Simon Wolfe

Musical By:

Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris


RUNNING TIME: 2h 40mins



War Horse is one of the most emotional performances I've ever seen. It tells the story of a boy who adopts a horse in the few years before WW1, forming an unbreakable bond, and then losing his horse to an army officer as the war begins. The audience follow both the horse and the boy through the show and are completely immersed in the horrors of the war. The story and script are flawless and the creative team have put a show together with great authenticity and understanding. Obviously, the puppetry is second to none, and it's very easy to forget that the horses aren't real! War Horse is becoming a classic for all the right reasons, it's sensational.

By: Jade Emily | Date: 06/07/2015 Rating:   

War Horse

this has to be the best show in London! Beautiful

By: Jodie | Date: 17/06/2014 Rating:   

War Horse

There's a reason this show has been continuously selling out night after night - and that is because of the simple reason that there is absolutely nothing like it in the West End. A beautiful sweeping story using incredible puppets playing the title character. A truly enchanting evening of theatre!

By: John | Date: 01/06/2013 Rating:   
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