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Christian Slater leads a killer ensemble cast in the return of David Mamet's cult classic play Glengarry Glen Ross, which sees a team of cut-throat real estate agents strive to close sales - by any means necessary. Pitched in a high-stakes competition against each other, four increasingly desperate employees will do anything, legal or otherwise, to shift the property. As time and luck start to run out, the mantra is simple: close the deal and you've won a Cadillac; blow the lead and... Slater (Mr. Robot) stars as smooth talking sales shark Ricky Roma, alongside Kris Marshall (My Family) as John Williamson, Robert Glenister (Hustle) as Dave Moss, Stanley Townsend (Girl From The North Country) as Shelley 'The Machine' Levene, and Don Warrington (Death In Paradise) as George Aaronow. The trailblazing modern classic, directed by Sam Yates, runs at the Playhouse Theatre for a strictly limited 14-week West End season. Glengarry Glen Ross has won every major dramatic award on both sides of the Atlantic, making it an extraordinary theatrical success story. Its sensational world premiere at the National Theatre in 1983 earned it the Olivier Award for Best Play, whilst its 1984 Broadway premiere garnered multiple Tony Award nominations and just a year later, it won the Pulitzer Award for Drama. In 1992 Glengarry Glen Ross was adapted by Mamet into an Academy Award nominated film featuring an all-star cast including Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey and Jonathan Pryce.


Booking Period:

Until February 03, 2018

Running Time:


Cast Updates:

Christian Slater, Robert Glenister, Kris Marshall, Stanley Townsend, Don Warrington

Musical By:

Director: Sam Yates



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