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THRILLER-LIVE Musical London

Experience the magic of Michael Jackson's music live in this exciting new musical Thriller Live! Performances of many of Jackson's hit songs are included in this concert-style show at the Lyric theatre in the West End of London. Leicester Square Box Office offers Thriller Live tickets at discounted prices. Buy Thriller Live tickets online.

Booking Period:

Until April 01, 2018

Running Time:


Cast Updates:

Trenyce Cobbins, Dajiow, Haydon Eshun, Tyrone Lee, Rory Taylor, Britt Quentin, Cordell Mostellar, Brittany Woodrow, Rose Wild, Stefan Sinclair, Myron Birch, Daniel Bradford, Katie Bradley, Renata Carvalho, Jessica Craft, Christopher ‘Ribz’ Gordon, Joe Drum, Victoria Lamm, Dak Mashava, Jayde Nelson, Zoe Purpuri, Christian Sharrier, Aled Arhyel Charles, Zayn Johnson, Ramon Mariqueo Smith, Daniel Odejinmi, Zuriel Kabasomi-Williams

Musical By:

Adrian Grant


RUNNING TIME: 2h 20mins


Off The Wall

This show is not my cup of tea. However, I can see that for MJ fans this show is a must see. The singing is sensational, and it is lovely to hear MJ's music delivered by women or by men with different vocal stylings to what we are used to. It's a fresh look at some classic music, performed alongside great choreography, creating a feel good atmosphere. There isn't a storyline, it mostly follows a concert theme, but if you are a fan of The King of Pop, this show will tick all your boxes!

By: Jade Emily | Date: 06/07/2015 Rating:   

Great night at the theatre

Absolutely loved this show. If you like Michael Jackson, this is a must see!

By: Johnny | Date: 11/04/2015 Rating:   

Great show

A must-see for all Michael Jackson fans! Thought the singing and the dancing was outstanding and was great fun for all the family!

By: Nicky Cannock | Date: 08/12/2012 Rating:   
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