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STOMP Musical London

Watch and hear a musical delight as bodies, objects and sounds make up the most original musical show in London. Using everyday objects the cast turn bangs and clatters into foot tapping music. This international smash hit will deliver a musical you will never forget. Buy Stomp tickets and be prepared to tap your way through this musical masterpiece.


Booking Period:

Until January 07, 2018

Running Time:


Cast Updates:

Subject to Change

Musical By:

Director - Steve McNicholas, Luke Cresswell


No under 5s. RUNNING TIME: 1h 40mins


Something different!

Stomp is not a musical, not a comedy, and not a play. So what is it? Stomp is a display of musical creativity, using everyday household objects to create rythm and send infectious beats out into the audience. Perfect for visitors who speak little English, or for English people who want an evening of music and cleverly executed comedy! Stomp is in it's own category, but it's got something for everyone.

By: Jade Emily | Date: 06/07/2015 Rating:   


A great musical, theres not a lot of talking so perfect for those who speak little English. Great for kids and adults alike!

By: Anna | Date: 09/03/2013 Rating:   

Great show

Great show, refreshingly different to most of the shows in the West End and good entertainment for all ages. Would definitely recommend it!

By: Mark Taylor | Date: 08/12/2012 Rating:   
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