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BILLY ELLIOT Musical London

Billy Elliot the Musical is about a young boy growing up in Manchester in the mid-80s during the coal miner's strike. He is enrolled in boxing classes but finds his way into a nearby ballet class where he is the only boy. Week after week, he spends the money his father meant for boxing on ballet, until the boxing coach tells Billy's father that Billy hasn't attended his class in weeks. When his father finds out where he's been spending the money, he forbids his son to dance anymore. Billy's dance instructor, recognizing his talent, encourages him to continue their lessons in private, and trains him for an audition with the Royal Ballet School in London. Billy's father keeps him from attending the audition and Billy decides to quite dancing altogether. In this musical, Billy must overcome the poverty of his childhood, the narrow-mindedness of his community and his own uncertainty about his talent, but with his father eventually supporting him, he attends the audition in London. Leicester Square Box Office offers Billy Elliot tickets at discount prices. To buy Billy Elliot the Musical tickets at discount prices, visit our website or call us.

Booking Period:

Until December 17, 2016

Running Time:


Cast Updates:

Nat Sweeney/Brodie Donougher/Thomas Hazelby/Ollie Jochim, Todd Bell/Tomi Fry/Nathan Jones, Kyria Cooper/Connie Fisher/Demi Lee, Ruthie Henshall, Deka Walmsley, Chris Grahamson, Gillian Elisa, Howard Crossley, Phil Snowden, James Butcher, Craig Armstrong, Richard Ashton, James Ballanger, Paul Basleigh, Rachel Bingham, Lucinda Collins, Peter Cork, Scott Cripps, Robbie Durham, Ross Finnie, Lee Hoy, Ruri James, Ben Redfern, Charlotte Riby, Mike Scott, Sharon Sexton, Wendy Somerville, Spencer Stafford, David Stoller, Kerry Washington

Musical By:

Music - Sir Elton John, Lyrics - Lee Hall, Author - Lee Hall, Director - Stephen Daldry, Producer - Working Title Films and Old Vic Productions, Choreographer - Peter Darling


Contains frequent strong language, children under 7 will not be admitted. Not recommended for children under 12. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. RUNNING TIME: 3h



I really didn't like the movie Billy Elliot, and so I was not overly enthusiastic about seeing the show on stage. I can now say however, that I think the musical is one of the West End's finest. Elton John's music is breathtaking, moving, and anthemic at times. The themes within the show are really powerful, especially the emphasis on family. I think the whole show is really empowering and delivers a really positive message. It's such a remarkable show, highly reccomended.

By: Jade Emily | Date: 06/07/2015 Rating:   


Having seen the film, I was desperate to see the show and finally got the chance to. Such an incredible show, amazing dancers that will blow you away. Coming from Durham to see the show, the references to the history of the area were incredible. A definite must-see for everyone!

By: Emily | Date: 09/05/2013 Rating:   

Billy is brilliant!

A show boasting some of the best dancing and most talented youngsters London has to offer. Billy Elliot is the moving story of a young boy growing up near Newcastle during the Miners Strike who wants to do ballet and is at times hilarious, but often incredibly moving. With stunning music by the one and only Elton John and choreography by one of the biggest choreographers of the moment, Peter Darling (best known now for his incredible work on Matilda) this show is one you won't want to miss out on! ...and if you have been, I know you'll want to go again!

By: David | Date: 16/12/2012 Rating:   
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