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Until October 25, 2014

Running Time:

Cast Updates:

Stuart Angell, Nigel Betts, Nicholas Bishop, Joshua Blake, Hannah Boyde, Pascale Burgess, Ellie Burrow, Emily Cooper, Matt Costain, Ewen Cummins, Danny Dalton, Salvatore D’Aquila, Matthew Forbes, Thomas Goodridge, David Grewcock, Stephen Harper, Christian Jenner, Curtis Jordan, Nicolas Karimi, Sarah Mardel, Shaun McKee, Jack Monaghan, Jack Parker, Malcolm Ridley, Patrick Robinson, Ruth Rogers, Saul Rose, Mat Ruttle, William Rycroft, Eliot Short, Anthony Shuster, Nicola Stephenson, David Walmsley, Andy Williams, Thomas Wilton

Musical By:

Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris


At the start of World War I, a boy's beloved horse is sold to the cavalry and experiences the horrors of war, somehow managing to survive while serving on both sides. But the boy, too young to enlist, hasn't forgotten about his horse and sets off on a perilous journey to find him and bring him home. War Horse uses complex mechanics to create the puppets which are the horses in this show, making them come alive before your eyes.


War Horse

There's a reason this show has been continuously selling out night after night - and that is because of the simple reason that there is absolutely nothing like it in the West End. A beautiful sweeping story using incredible puppets playing the title character. A truly enchanting evening of theatre!
By: John | Date: 01/06/2013 Rating:   
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