Booking Period:

Until April 17, 2016

Cast Updates:

David Jordan, Haydon Eshun, Andae Palmer, Ricardo Afonso, Zoe Birkett, Britt Quentin, Michael Kavuma, Deborah Dada, Austyn Farrell, Rob Anker, Remi Black, Rose Wild, Gabriela Atencio-Hernandez, Jade Albertson, Leah Hill, Sophie Usher, Penny Smart, Jordan Palmer, Kyle Johnson, Eshan Gopal, Elijah Crossley, Torann Opara, Kierran Rogers, Owen Jordan Mugowa

Musical By:

Adrian Grant


Experience the magic of Michael Jackson's music live in this exciting new musical Thriller Live! Performances of many of Jackson's hit songs are included in this concert-style show at the Lyric theatre in the West End of London. Leicester Square Box Office offers Thriller Live tickets at discounted prices. Buy Thriller Live tickets online.



Great night at the theatre

Absolutely loved this show. If you like Michael Jackson, this is a must see!
By: Johnny | Date: 11/04/2015 Rating:   

Great show

A must-see for all Michael Jackson fans! Thought the singing and the dancing was outstanding and was great fun for all the family!
By: Nicky Cannock | Date: 08/12/2012 Rating:   
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